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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  February 3, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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get ready for a cold start this morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with a first alert weather forecast. the temperatures plummeted in a hurry with the strong gusty winds. the winds have died down a bit, but it is very cold including in the pocano mountains where the temperatures have dropped into the single digits. 7 degrees in mount pocano. 20 in philadelphia. the suburbs dropped down into the teens. trenton, mount holly, pottstown. with the wind it feels like 8
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degrees in the city. a cold start with the wind stronger above building level. some of it is reaching the ground. so do bundle up. 19 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00 we'll see breaks in the clouds with sunshine. 21 degrees and up to 26 degrees and climbing at lunchtime. we'll go through it hour by hour with future weather. i'm back at 10:00. now we'll go to reporter jillian mele. good morning to you at home. we'll start things off in the lehigh valley with an accident on 22 eastbound near 15th street blocked off. it's really difficult to see what is happening in the camera but we have official activity out there. no traffic can get by on 22 eastbound again at 15th. take 78 if you need a highway to get around it. otherwise, use caution headed out that way as we expect to see the closure. lincoln drive was closed all night with gypsy lane but we have heard the water main break has been cleared. it is just reopening at this point in time. that's good news to update.
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76, no accidents or delays to report the entire length of the schuylkill expressway. the drive times are average between the blue route and vine 11 to 13 minutes. pretty quiet on 76. same situation on 95. if you're taking the area bridges, they are all clear. you definitely had your chances to put this to the test this morning. driving in winter weather can be a little easier if your car has four-wheel drive. but interestingly, cars are damaged each winter because of the feature. nbc 10's katy zachry is live to explain how this happens in whitehall township. katy? >> reporter: we are hearing from mechanics that a lot of drivers don't know how to use four-wheel drive correctly. so they put their car in four-wheel drive and don't take it out and end up shelling out hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. here you will see several times a week drivers come into 11th street auto complaining of a strange noise with their car struggling to accelerate.
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the guys there say almost always the driver forgets to take his or her car out of four-wheel drive. many cars have the option to drive with or without four-wheel drive. a feature you definitely want in the snow or conditions that we have had recently when you need more traction. but as we said, a lot of drivers forget to take their vehicles out of four-wheel drive. we are looking into how extensive the damage can be on your car. and coming up in the next half hour, we will break it down for you, the damage and how much it can cost you. reporting live in south whitehall township katy zachry "nbc 10 news." new from overnight, we'll talk about working in the cold with firefighters battling frigid conditions working to put out a house fire at 12:45 this morning at a vacant home on mount vernon street. nobody was hurt. here's an update jillian mentioned, part of a philadelphia road is reopened after a water main break left it icy and shut down.
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lincoln drive near gypsy lane is not blocked anymore as crews salted the area to get the ice to melt. a woman and her teenager daughter are in custody accused of following two women and shooting them outside a philadelphia laundromat. this happened on roberts avenue in the cuyahoga section of the city last night. the woman and her 13-year-old knew the victims, followed them to the laundromat got into an argument and shot them. one was shot in the head and the other in the leg, both in stable condition. the mother and daughter have not yet been charged. a princeton facility worker is facing charges after a patient accused him of sexually assaulting her. this happened at the princeton health clinic in mercer county last week. the victim claims jonathan hodges sex shutually assaulted her. hodges is free after posting bail last night. >> we are trying to get your
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side of the story. >> come on, man, i gave my side already. >> can we talk to you? what would you like to say? >> no comment. >> princeton health suspended hodges during the investigation. and investigators do not believe there are any other victims. 4:35. rob mccord plans to plead guilty to federal extortion charges appearing in court later this morning. mccourt is accused of using his office to threaten potential campaign donors during his failed run for governor last year. the papers were filed yesterday in court including a plea deal signed by mccourt. his recent video apology could help him. >> he apologized and resigned his office. that will all help him in working out some kind of a plea arrangement with the federal authorities, the u.s. attorneys will be handling this case. >> the now the maximum penalty for each charge is 20 years in
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prison but it will be up to a judge to decide his punishment. if you're drowsy this morning, the doctors say there are resized regulations for how much sleep you should get. and a 20-mile commute on foot. one man does it every weekday. new this morning, the effort total strangers are making to give him a lift. and temperatures need a lift but are not getting it. the wind is holding things back. getting colder this morning. right now it's 19 degrees at 4:36. i'll show you how warm it's going to get in your neighborhood when we come right back.
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we just got this in. police tell us two suspects broke into the home through the back door and got away with money and jewelry.
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an elderly couple has lived in this home for more than 65 years olds. the man and woman were not hurt. the robbers are still on the loose. it's a cold start this morning with the wind blowing and temperatures are dropping into the teens to 20 degrees. but look at what the winds do to the numbers. 4 degrees is what it feels like in allentown and trenton. 7 for wilmington and millville. 8 degrees is the windchill right now in philadelphia. the good news is we will see a lot of sunshine. we are a ways away from it coming up. after 7:00 this morning, you can see a few scattered high clouds. lots of sunshine. and temperatures will be easing as the day goes on. a few high clouds moving through at 9:00 this morning. 21 degrees. and with some sunshine breaking through later this morning and into the afternoon, we'll see temperatures pop into the upper 20s. possibly near 30 degrees later today. a big improvement with warmer
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weather ahead. mostly cloudy skies that will ease but the clouds move out to see sunshine. but a cold start and it's pretty cold in the afternoon. even with sunshine temperatures stay below freezing. winds out of the west nowhere near as strong as yesterday up 7 to 14 miles an hour. there is a warm up before things get colder once again. we have the seven-day forecast when i come back. >> we could use a warm up. >> that would be super. >> sign us up. 20 till 5:00 now, time to get a check on the roads. >> jillian mele has a look at the roads. good morning jillian. the majors are looking good. this is 95 near the southbound side near girard avenue both directions of 95 are very quiet right now. our only accident that we're following on a highway is in the lehigh valley on route 22 eastbound at 15th street. so if you need to get around that because the eastbound side is blocked off, i have two different alternates. take tilghman street as one of
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your options. measles are making a troubling comeback. >> yeah, how the recent comeback is turning this into a hot-button political issue. plus the best time of the year to buy a few big-ticket items. we'll tell you which ones are dropping in price. i hope one is a trade treadmill.
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4:43 and a nice look at center city. right now the wind is making it feel like the single digits. we'll get an update from bill coming up. and partnering with the red cross to make sure families stay safe in the frigid temperatures. together they educate residents on what to do to prevent a fire. when it gets cold outside, a lot of people use ovens, space heaters or candles to heat their homes, which often leads to disaster.
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>> you got two minutes to get out of the house if you're lucky. work with your children so they know how to get out of the house, two ways to get out of every room in the house and they are not afraid. >> local red cross volunteers say they respond to at least five fires every night and are more preparing families and the safer they will be. discussing the prevention of measles spreading today. in cumberland county they are talking about potential exposure to measles. this comes after the measles outbreak in california. that outbreak has put the spotlight on the ongoing debate over mandatory measles vaccinations. >> most scientists say to vaccinate, but now key politicians are sharing conflicting views. nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts reports from washington. >> reporter: listen to some of america's top politicians and you may not know whether to vaccinate your child against measles. >> you should get your kids
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vaccinated. >> parents need to have some measure of choices against this as well. >> reporter: new jersey chris christie's office backed off his complaints clarifying there's no question kids should be vaccinated. >> i didn't give people the option but i'm saying you need have a balance. >> president obama with an interview with savannah guthrie says the science is clear. >> there's every reason to get vaccinated. there are not reasons to not. >> reporter: hillary clinton tweeted the science is clear. the earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work. let's protect all our kids #grandmothersknowbest. senator rand paul chimed in. >> i'm not arguing vaccines are a bad idea. i think they are a good thing. but i think the parent should have some input. the state to own your children parents should own the children. >> reporter: measles is becoming a public health problem. the cdc now reports 102 cases in
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14 states. all but five states allowed for religious objections to vaccines and many states 18 of them allow parents to object based on personal beliefs. tracie potts nbc news washington. if you want to stay in bed a little longer this morning, if you are still in bed, you're not alone. a new study by the national sleep foundation finds millions of americans are not getting enough sleep. the report says sleep deprivation is a national epidemic. the group at most risk for not getting enough sleep, teenagers need 8 to 10 hours a day. adults should get 7 to 9 hours. this new study widened the range for many of the younger age groups and also added an older adult age group. experts say people over 65 should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. well, even though it's winter sudden changes in temperature and humidity can trigger allergy and sinus problems. doctors say over-the-counter medicines should help with the occasional itchy and runny nose
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for people with nasal symptoms all year long may have winter allergies and you should see a doctor. a royal caribbean ship is back ashore after hundreds were sick with the norovirus. they left baltimore, maryland and left for the bahamas but returned after many fell sick to their stomachs. this is video of the ship reporting to port yesterday. in all 200 passengers and 9 crew members were sick for about three days. and in an ironic twist here or cruel twist, a woman from sea isle city says she got a discount on the cruise after coming down with norovirus on another caribbean cruise last february. >> yeah, that hurts. 4:47. the washington navy yard building that was the scene of a deadly mass shooting is back open. hundreds of workers went back into the building for the first time yesterday. it's been closed for renovations
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since september 2013 when 12 people were killed there. the gunman aaron alexis was killed by police. more workers will move in over the next few weeks. 4:48 now. the snowstorm in boston is delaying the boston bombing trial. more than a foot of snow is keeping lawyers from picking a jury against dzhokhar tsarnaev. if convicted he could face the death penalty. the skies are clearing out and temperatures are falling. and the winds are fortunately starting to come down with a bit of a breeze blowing, but not as strong as the 41-mile-an-hour wind gusts from yesterday. right now it's at 12 miles an hour. 20 degrees feels like 8 degrees in the city. it's a cold morning in the pocano mountains. worse in the single digits this
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morning. nothing is falling from the sky but lots of new fresh snow. it will be a good day on the slopes. teens to start with in reading, coatsville, 18 degrees. 14 in doylestown. trenton, 16 degrees. and it's in the teens for camden audubon, 17 right now. 18 degrees in voorhees. a cold start to the day. but we'll see sunshine bright sunshine. just a few high clouds to move through this morning. nothing falling from the clouds. the sunshine will warm us to near freezing this afternoon. we are watching some changes over the next couple of days. tomorrow we'll get some clouds but we'll be watching to the west for some energy and some moisture coming out of the pacific northwest. and this is going to create some snow that could be here thursday morning. wednesday evening snow moves through the ohio valley and into western pennsylvania. just some light snow. some scattered snow showers are possible first thing on thursday morning off to the north and
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west. we could see a dusting of a half inch of snow in philadelphia as the quick-moving showers come through on thursday morning. a couple days away. for today, we'll be watching the sun come up and temperatures will be climbing to the upper 20s to near 30 degrees this afternoon. we should be in the low 40s this time of the year. so this is still cold for this time of the year but tomorrow it's final clouds moving in. we'll make it into the lower 40s after a cold morning at 22 degrees. then that chance of some light snow showers comes through on thursday. temperatures will be colder on thursday, but the wind will be blowing and that will bring in colder air for friday. a high of 27 after another very cold morning on friday. temperatures moderate after a cold start on saturday. back into the low 40s. then we'll watch for the chances of snow later sunday and into monday. all right, bill thank you. ten minutes before 5:00 if you're getting ready to head out of the house, we'll check the roads for you. >> jillian mele will show us if there's anything to slow you down out there.
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>>, go. none of the majors in and out of center city are showing any problems. the vine expressway and the blue route, checking the drive time there is both ways between 95 and 76 you can see that's roughly 15 minutes. no up accidents and no delays on the blue route. the only accident we'll be following is in the lehigh valley on the eastbound side of 22 at 15th street blocked off. you can take tilghman street if you need to get around it. recovering from holiday shopping enough to do winter shopping? consumer reports list the items most deeply discounted in february. if you're looking to get in shape or stay in shape at home find great deals on elliptical machines and treadmills this time of the year. humidifiers also tend to go on sale. and furniture prices get blasted in february as stores make room for new lines arriveing in april. so debate the new sofa no more. ten miles uphill both ways to get to school, that's a story
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we have all heard from our grandparents before but a michigan man's trip to work puts that to shame. how many hours this man puts in just to make a living and how strangers are stepping in to help. and next the story behind the gleaming lion that katy perry rode in on for the super bowl halftime show.
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in american factories. at weathertech all we do is create the highest quality automotive accessories including laser measured custom fit floor liners. order yours today at or call 1-800-car-mats weathertech floor liners. proudly made in america. six minutes before 5:00 right now. officials will unveil project medicine dropbox this morning. a box will be placed outside the police department and residents can dropoff unused unwanted medications. plans to build a train station and education center in chester county have been on mold for four years now, but now local lawmakers are stepping in
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to get this moving again. the plans have been on the drawing board since 2008. penndot has earmarked $20 million for the project but some lawmakers are seeking grants to pay for the construction. they say the project will help to generate much-needed tax revenue. a detailed report on autism in philadelphia was released after two years of research. the goal of the philadelphia autism project is to clarify the services available for people in the city with the communication disorder. councilman dennis o'brien says some of the recommendations made in the report are being put to use and he says philadelphia's one of the best places to live for people with autism. we undertook this effort because of the wonderful recognition, we realize we can and must do better to address the gaps in our service systems. >> according to the councilman the autism report like this has never been done on the municipal level. from the delaware bureau, a newly-proposed bill would change the way to develop education plans for special needs
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students. parents of the students would have more information and chances for input on how the plans are created. lawmakers are considering the bill when they return to session in march. there are new and notable pieces of art on display at the philadelphia museum of art. a live look outside at the art museum this early tuesday morning. officials say there are new paintings there that include five paintings by french artists dating back to the late 1800s and two rare portraits adding to the world's largest collections all the works are on display in the gallery. the super bowl parade for the new england patriots is post postponed until tomorrow. the parade was originally scheduled for today but now is
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tomorrow morning due to weather. all right, so we're learning more now on just how much work went into the giant golden lion that katy perry rode into the super bowl team on. a team of 40 designers tried to make the lion out of foam. they had eight weeks to do it and had to keep the project secret. it was controlled by people up underneath the lion. >> i think that would be a good ride. >> i wonder if katy perry practiced. she looked like she was pretty comfortable. >> yeah, she did. >> who didn't practice were the backup dancer sharks behind her at that one show. they were out of sync but what do you say, they were sharks.
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this is our favorite story of the day. one michigan guy takes a 20-mile commute every day by foot. he walks it. james robertson says he hasn't been able to afford a car since 1988 when his car died. he leaves the house at 8:00 a.m. to start his long walk to the engineering building where he works. his shift starts at 2:00 in the afternoon. then when he's off at 10:00 at night, he takes the same walk home. >> five days a week. i usual lip don't get any sleep until the weekend. so i can't imagine not working. i don't want to end up doing nothing. did you know how long it took me to find a job? >> after his story got out, a college student set up a gofundme page and in one day people have donated up to $130,000. >> he should be able to buy a pretty good ride with that. that's amazing. >> and he has not missed a day of work except yesterday he was
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not at work because they closed because of all the snow they had is there. he hasn't missed a day of work. he's walking to work every day. >> remarkable. you're watching "nbc 10 news today" starting right now at 5:00 a.m. a chase that brought itself to the police station. we are live from the scene as police piece this one together. and a frigid start to say the least as you head out the door this morning with temperatures in the teens. the wind makes it feel like the single digits in parts of the area. and you want to protect the digits heading out the door this morning. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news" today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. meteorologist bill henley is in the first alert weather center. bill? the skies are clearing out to allow temperatures to drop. we do have a bit of a wind blowing just enough to make it feel like it is in the single digits this morning, including center city. that's a live view from the sad
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adventure aquarium. 20 in philadelphia. 16 in trenton. factor in the breeze it feels like 6 in philadelphia. trenton, 4 degrees. 7 for wilmington and millville. and zero in lancaster. there you can see the wind blowing the flag at the nbc 10 studios. a cold start, 19 at 7:00. but we will see sunshine through some thin clouds at 9:00. 21 degrees. and numbers warming at noontime to 26 degrees and still climbing. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in ten. now we'll go to jillian mele. still could see icy spots out there. people need to slow down. watch the neighborhood streets, the on and off-ramps and this is a live look at the boulevard at fox street. no accidents to report there making your way out to the pennsylvania turnpike. we have seen some of the normal overnight construction. nothing slowing anyone


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